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By taking full advantage of the wordpress 3.0 custom posts, the slider management has never been easier. You can easily choose between the fabulous Aquitaine Slider or just the classic business slider for your site.

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Special attention to detail has been accorded to the heart of this theme, the blog section. Users can easily choose between having portrait or landscape post entries or just no pictures at all.

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Don’t forget to check the contact page, it comes with a labourious and unique design that contains not just contact form with captcha, but also a big header with address and google maps integration.

[service_block_last link=”http://goldenworks.ro/demos/aq_wordpress/wp-content/themes/aquitaine/images/20_64x64.png” title=”Packed with features” skin=”true”]
Lots of shortcodes at your disposal, pricing tables, custom widgets, translation ready, pages for testimonials, our team and services are just few of the goodies that are packed in this business theme.
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